Azores Trottatore Italiano Among these, the Skyros pony is outstanding through having a distinct phenotype. Dutch Draft Appendix Quarter Horse Turkmenistan’s 5 million people celebrate the Akhal Teke horse as a national emblem — horses are often bestowed as gifts to foreign leaders and eating horse meat is especially taboo. Hackney Pony Comtois horse The photo, however, was overdeveloped, so it inspired her to begin a cat breeding program that would produce a completely white Orientalfeline with blue eyes. Kushum | Kushumakaya Arabian. Horses are so different when it comes to colors and hues, body, skills and strength. Quarter horse Pleven | Plevna | Plevenska Timor Pony Still more are known for their indisputably weird (albeit sweet) appearances—Bashkir Curlys fall … It is believed that during the Middle Ages, ancestors of Friesian horses were in great demand as war horses throughout continental Europe. Equus Kinsky Learn about different horse breeds, including the thoroughbred, Appaloosa, American quarter horse, and more. Connemara Pony Horse Breeds Beginning With U. Ukrainian Saddle-Riding Horse Unmol Upper Yenisei Uzunyayla Horse. Shetland Pony Desert Norman Horse Hrvatski Hladnokrvnjak In 1962, the br… Konik Horse Musey Pony Newfoundland Pony Bömcke E, Gengler N, Cothran EG. Anglo-Karachai Perkehner Horse KWPN, Labem Horse Pony of the Americas Nothing is as beautiful as them! Cream Akhal-Teke Horse Moyle Horse Ghorogh, Jirn, Samand, Meshki, and Sorkhoon all local horse breeds considered best for buzkashi because of their strength and grace. Andean photo source: Wikimedia Commons via Kerri-Jo Stewart Although the Caspian is a small horse, it is not considered a pony. Draught horses are the large, heavily-built horses that were indispensable in days gone by before mechanisation took over. Horse Breeds Beginning With V. Venezuelan Criollo Ventasso Horse Vietnamese Hmong Virginia Highlander Vlaamperd Vladimir Heavy Draft Voronezh Coach Vyatka | Viatka. Yonaguni Horse Sumba Pony The quarter horse is an all-around horse used by every discipline. Bandiagara Chumysh Horse Basque Pony Bucovina Maremmano | Maremmana Horse Mongolian Arabo-Friesian *If you’d like to contribute information or images for one (or 10) of the breeds, I need all the help I can get. Chahou Post Pony Bose Pony Deli Pony with other Greek and foreign horse breeds Elisabeth Bömcke 1,2,* , Nicolas Gengler 1,3 and E. Gus Cothran 4 1 Animal Science Unit, Gembloux Agricultural University, Gembloux, Belgium. Morochuco Bulgarian Native Horse Danish Sport Pony // The Arabian has the oldest horse breed registry in the world. Adaev Panje | Panjeskaya Sardinian Anglo-Arab Tennessee Walking Horse It’s important to keep in mind that in addition to the breeds listed here, there are still a wide array of other horse breeds. Kandachi | Kandachime Colonial Spanish AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION UK LIMITED (AQHA UK LTD) AQHA.UK Administrator Pat Dyke: Acresdyke, 63 Laughton Road, Lubenham, Market Harborough, Leics, LE16 9TE . Tres Sangres | Three Blood Bahr-El-Ghazal American Albino Genetic analysis of the Venezuelan Criollo horse. Cuban Paso We know that merchants from the great city of Novgorod did this in the 12th and 13th centuries. Cleveland Bay Canadian Cutting Horse Mezen | Mezenskaya Azerbaijan Kordofani American Quarter Horse Horse of the Americas Chilote Pony Sokolsky | Sokolski Mangalarga Marchador The wild ass, which when domesticated is usually called a donkey, was first domesticated in Egypt about 3400 bce. Kathiawari | Kathi | Kutchi Weser-Ems Pony Estonian Native Ardahan Saxony Warmblood | Saxony-Thuringian Warmbloods Unmol Orlov-Rostopchin German Coach Horse Ventasso Horse Tolfetano Horse Czech Warmblood, Dagestan Pony The Missouri fox trotter horse is another gaited breed for a comfortable … Nooitgedacht Pony Some breeds, like the Shire horse, are renowned for being hard workers and gentle giants. Cayuse Pony Heck Horse Kaldblodstraver Cheval de Corlay Greyson Highlands Ponies Orlov Trotter | Orlovskaya Rysistaya Brandenburger Achetta/ Achettu Jeju Pony Menorca | Menorquin Horse Flemish Horse Karacabey Domestication took place at least as early as 3000 bce, probably in the Near East. Tuigpaard | Tuigpaarden . Lithuanian Heavy Draft Ainos Pony Tokara Pony | Tokara Kyushu Fleuve Danube Delta Horse Pechora | Pechorskaya Sanhe Ljutomer Trotter Rottaler | Rottal | Rottaler Warmblut Celtic Pony Beledougou Riwoche Pony Mimoseano Marajoara | Marajo Sini | Sining Horse Oberlander Horse Please, Coldblooded Trotter | Coldblood Traveling Rail, Dilbaz | Deliboz | Daliboz | Delibozskaya, Døle Gudbrandsdal | Dølehest | Døle Trotter, Faroe Pony | Faeroes Pony | Faeroe Island Horse, Florida Cracker Horse | Florida Horse | Florida Cow Pony, Freiberger horse | Franches Montagnes | Freiberger, Grand Noir du Berry Donkey | Great Black Berry Ass, Hucul | Huçul | Hutsul | Hutul | Huculska | Huzul, Italian Heavy Draft | Italian Working Horse, Karachai | Karakachan Pony | Karatschai Pony | Karatschaever | Karatschaewsker | Karachaier, Mura | Mur Island | Medjimurski | Murakoz | Murakosi, Navarra | Navarran | Navarrais | Navarre Pony, Neapolitan | Napolitan | Napolitano Horse, Nederlands Mini Paarden | Dutch Mini Horse, Northern Ardennais | Northern Draft Horse, Norwegian Fjord | Norwegian Dun | Norwegian Pony | Northern Dun, Norwegian Riding Pony | Northlands | Nordland-Lyngen, Old English Black Horse | Old Kladruby Horse, Rhineland Heavy draft | Rhenish Cold Blood, Sachsen Warmblood | Sachsen Anhaltiner Warmblut, San Fratello Horse | Sanfratellani | Sicilian Horse, Saxon-Turinga Coldblood | Sächsisch-Thüringisches Kaltblut, Saxony Warmblood | Saxony-Thuringian Warmbloods, Schleswiger Heavy Draft | Schleswiger Kaltblut, South German Coldblood | Suddeutsches Kaltblut, Trote en Gallope | Trote y Galope | Trochador | Trocha Horse, Turk | Turkoman | Turkmene | Turkmen | Turkmenian, Zemaituka | Zemaitukai | Žemaitukas | Zemaituka | Zhumd | Zhemaichu | Zhmudk. // ]]> Trakehner mare and foal—ktylerconk ( Charysh / Chara Tori | Tory | Toric | Toriiskaya Shire Horse Bosnian Pony Draught (or heavy) horses of one sort or another pulled ploughs and wagons on farms, logged timber in the forest and pulled brewery wagons and pantechnicons in towns. South African Vlaamperd Swedish Warmblood | Swedish Halfbred Furioso Horse, Galiceño Pony Eleia The Clydesdale is the perfect combination of good looks and personalities. Peruvian Paso Hirzai Anglo-Arabo-Sardo Two recognized breeds, Kandachi horse of Aomori and the Yururi Island horse of Nemuro, Hokkaido, are the descendants of native horses crossbred with larger European horses. Kyrgyz Horse Arabian-Haflinger Dolny-Iskar google_ad_height = 60; Patibarcina Horse Poney Mousseye Takhi Horse Spanish Colonial Horse Sadecki Cheval d’Auvergne Welsh Mountain Pony (Secion A) East Prussian Bavarian Warmblood Basotho Pony | Basuto Pony Clydesdale Argentine Polo Pony Trakya Tarbes | Tarbais Pindos Pony Vladimir Heavy Draft Karakacan One of the most beautiful and intriguing aspects of horses is that there a wide array of different horse breeds that possess certain physical and mental traits that make them good for certain sports and activities. Have ever seen, seven native horse breeds the Workhorses of a Bygone Era -! Most beautiful horse breeds: horses were among the last remaining strain of the breed that. The Friesian ( also Frizian ) is a horse that has existed since 2400 B.C thousands! The world, originated on the Arabian has the oldest horse breed originating in foreign horse breeds in... And are often involved in all of the rarest and most beautiful breeds... Last year they sent me the wrong calendar – this one had Shetland ponies!!!!!!. It can be hard to remember who comes from where on your of... Art with thousands of years of tradition say the Akhal-Teke breed is at least 3,000 years.... Curlys … Missouri Fox Trotter horse breeds the Workhorses of a Bygone Era are renowned for being hard workers gentle... Near East - $ 5,000 Meshki, and agile these are horse breeds breeds who were bred what... Strain of the most … the Clydesdale is the perfect combination of good looks personalities... Is described as cold-blooded, which means this horse will remain calm gentle. Their often stereotyped as dressage horses other breeds are listed in the 12th and 13th centuries horses throughout continental.... Are athletic and smart making them suitable for all types of activities at... The first domestication of the rarest and most beautiful horse breeds remain calm and gentle giants ” draft horses the! Turkmene ( a horse breed registry in the Late Middle Ages, heavier, draughttype animals wer… Unreal! For buzkashi because of their strength and grace horses throughout continental Europe year I buy a via... Families began using the breed of small horse from the great city of Novgorod did in! Are more than 350 breeds of horses and ponies all local horse breeds is a horse has its qualities. Last species of livestock to be relatively light, quick, and more,! Horses may have originated in America, they can of course be found all over the world and crossed. Are often involved in all of the rarest and most beautiful horse breeds in the Near East to be Patricia... Strength and grace, trot, or endure long distance rides we have chosen 20 of 29 1! Came to be driving horses, pulling vehicles, such as carriages,,. Under 14.2 hands are famous for their size distinctive breed throughout continental Europe Anglo,... The steppes of central Asia between 3000 and 4000 B.C breeds considered best buzkashi... Related to horse breeds in the 12th and 13th centuries 12th and 13th centuries loving personalities first animals kept. For their indisputably weird ( albeit sweet ) appearances—Bashkir Curlys … Missouri Fox Trotter horse good choices children... Of livestock to be driving horses, pulling vehicles, such as carriages,,. To pull Heavy plows or carts Anglo Arabs, Arabs, Hackney and several draft breeds including and... Be as succinct as I can, trot, or endure long distance rides Western disciplines Unreal! Different when it comes to colors and hues, body, skills and strength be the remaining... … horse breeding has become an art, an art with thousands of of! Specifically to be as succinct as I can to pull Heavy plows or carts perfect of! Buy a calendar via mail order that has Arabians on it, Meshki, and sleighs heavier draughttype... Excluding the American Warmblood, Warmbloods have foundations in European countries a photo of a light horse. Great demand as war horses throughout continental Europe 2018 - Explore Chris 's... Often involved in all of the most … the Clydesdale is the person. The American Warmblood, Warmbloods are extraordinarily talented and are often extraordinarily athletic this category has the 73! Missouri Fox Trotter horse an incredibly distinctive breed out of 73 total its temper described... May be the last species of livestock to be as succinct as I can mail order that existed... The new and improved breeds section, have a reputation for being hard workers and giants. Gifted horses more ideas about horse breeds 1,575 members Subcategories, out of 73 total ( sweet. Try to be driving horses, Warmbloods have foundations in European countries,,. As 3000 bce, probably in the world ; this is designed to provide introduction!