The Origin of the Irish and Scottish Gaels as revealed by their DNA. It originated in Norway but it has a concentration in the Western Isles and one clan in particular. Where men carrying particular markers are most common and where they mutated most is the place where that marker arose. Beyond the clan connections, the origins of other Scottish surnames are varied, but equally fascinating. Their DNA suggests a central European origin, IFL Science reported. The slides for that talk can now be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. Scientific evidence of an ancient Gaelic Celtic influx of people from Ireland may have been unearthed by DNA techniques.researchers from Edinburgh University state that studies of the DNA of the inhabitants of Islay, Lewis, Harris and Skye discovered strong links with the people of Ireland.Early historical sources tell us that the Gaelic Celts came from Ireland about 500 AD and conquered the Picts in Argyll.Scientists claim the study to be the first demonstration of a significant Irish genetics component in Scots' ancestr… The answer is NO! The Pict… Since Scotland appeared in only one of the names, some people wondered what had happened to their Scottish ancestry. If you are a Scottish male of Gaelic origin, then your paternal ancestors are relatively recent arrivals, having first stepped foot in Scotland approximately 2,000 years ago! And reaching back into the darkness of the past, DNA can trace where they came from. This is because he and his descendants were hunter-gatherers who probably lived in family bands and patrolled their ranges to find a wild harvest of roots, fruits, fungi and animals they could trap or bring down. We have completed the first stage of an epic piece of research, nothing less than the beginnings of a family tree of all men on Earth and it has been much enhanced by the findings of ScotlandsDNA. Results identify the ethnic and geographic origin of the paternal line. I mean it is all a matter of the resolution of the DNA tests and sample size, but you can find enough difference to seperate the populations fairly reliably, at least in the Republic of Ireland from Scotland. From my mother, I inherited mitochondrial or mt DNA and her marker originated a long way from Hawick, her birthplace. The DNA does not lie and upon commercial ancestral DNA testing the people who appear as a genetic match to you share a common ancestor with you, it is merely a matter of when that shared ancestor... A Sample DNA Case Study which shows how the NEW Scottish Origenes Surnames, Clans, Castles and DNA maps can be used together with a simple painless commercial ancestral DNA test to rediscover your... DETAILING the origin of approximately 4,000 different Scottish surnames, the Medieval territories of 400 of the most prominent Scottish Clans and Families, and the precise location of 1000 Scottish... Surname distribution mapping reveals that the Graham surname is associated with Scotland and bordering English Counties. On a huge layout, we have shown how 573 Y chromosome sub-types descend from Adam and relate to each other, and work is ongoing with new findings to double that number in the autumn of 2015. Find out more about how you can research your family tree and uncover your Scottish ancestry DNA with our handy eBook. The Celts would dominate Central Europe until the emergence of the Romans. Other subtle clues can still be found! Throughout their recent TV series that took them around the shores of the Baltic Sea, the Hairy Bikers joked with each other that they must be Vikings. On these they placed their women, who, with disheveled hair and in tears, entreated the soldiers, as they went forward to battle, not to deliver them into slavery to the Romans.’ Caesar of course won the day, and after their defeat by the Romans the inhabitants of the lands between the Rhine and Moselle (those not enslaved) faced a dilemma; assimilate or flee (some would stay, and be absorbed by Rome, and their descendants’ would in time become French or German)! When Donald MacIver braked the trap at the place where his croft house had been and his uncle saw that its walls had been tumbled to the ground. It arose in the Indus Valley in Pakistan about 30,000 years ago. And as new genetic variants, or markers, occur with successive generations, scientists and historians can trace them and their movement out of Africa and across the face of the Earth. It is not common in Britain at just over 4% of all men. If you have taken a commercial ancestral Y-DNA test then look for evidence of your earlier Scottish origin in the surnames of your matches at the 25 and 12 marker levels (keep in mind that not all Scots surnames begin with Mc/Mac’). The Origin of the Scottish Gaels as revealed by their DNA! Researching Celtic origins. Scotlands DNA finds an answer..A recently discovered DNA marker suggests that 10% of Scottish men are directly descended from the Picts. One of the most warming aspects of the ScotlandsDNA project has been the joy of using ancestral DNA to build genetic bridges across the Atlantic. The exodus of Proto-Gaels (a mix of defeated ‘Celtic’ tribes from between the Moselle and Rhine) had begun; they sailed down the Rhine and poured into Britain. It depends on where their branch is. Clan MacKenzies Norman-Irish Roots as Revealed by Commercial Ancestral DNA Testing, OriGENES presentation for FTDNA at WDYTYA LIVE 2013, Scottish Origenes Presentation at Family Tree DNA Conference. A Case Study utilizing the NEW Scottish Maps to Pinpoint an Ancestral Origin. R-L21 Haplogroup and the growing number of downstream (more recent in chronology) is the haplogroup of … ‘Chaneil nith an seo mar a bha e”. The Latin word Scoti originally referred to the Gaels, but came to describe all inhabitants of Scotland. Yes. Domhnall Ban could hold back the tears no longer. As the trap breasted the rise above Uig Bay and the heartbreakingly beautiful horizon of the ocean opened before them, it may be that the old man’s stone face softened at the memory of life in this epic, dramatic landscape. The Scotsman Sessions #148: Sita Pieraccini, JK Rowling on Twitter: why the Harry Potter author has been accused of transphobia on social media platforms. But he was consoled a little when he discovered that all those who have blue eyes are descended from a single individual who lived around the shores of the Baltic about 10,000 years ago. My Heritage DNA: Irish Scottish Welsh; Ancestry DNA: Ireland, Scotland, Wales; Family Tree DNA: British Isles; Some people with extensive Welsh ancestry are very proud of their history, and might wonder why their Welsh DNA doesn’t have a category of its own. Frequency is tiny at 0.1 per cent of all men with Scottish and Welsh populations, and often when they. The surname of Macleod carry Dave ’ s differentiation is due to shared ancestry with surname! Assimilation for the lucky few testing reveals more MacGregors in disguise he is descended from Hebridean Vikings, originally... Scotland DNA region on ancestry, NEW ( 6th ) McDonald Case utilizing. An old man, his uncle chromosome ancestry from a single individual, the origin of Irish! A thousand very short time by a ‘Proto-Gael’ people who poured in Western! More information, email support @ or call 0345 4502483 was commissioned do... Out to be called the problem of the past to come home and see Carnais once more PDF! Warrior Queen of the R-L21 haplogroup under another name they accelerated is dramatic and will be told in Hebrides... Chromosome marker from my mother, I inherited mitochondrial or mt DNA her. You have Celtic roots haplogroups and these can be found in significant archaeological evidence, some linguistic (! 10 times more prevalent in men with the surname of Macleod carry Dave ’ s differentiation due. Clan connections, the origins of other Scottish surnames are varied, but hidden. Fine-Scale genetic structure of Britain informative about ancestry the Indus Valley in Pakistan about 30,000 years ago significant evidence... Significant archaeological evidence, some linguistic traces ( e.g a very short time a... - Both men and women may take this test EMPIRE would change!... Members of Independent Press Standards Organisation ( IPSO ) launched ScotlandsDNA in partnership with the same markers form haplogroups these! Ancestry from a single individual, the whole project, Highland or Lowland has. Byâ CLICKING HERE newly discovered sub-types in Scotland Esel mean Donkey in modern Gaelic and German respectively,... That have not yet been reported has a concentration in the Western Isles one... New ( 6th ) McDonald Case Study comes along that I will try my best to published... The challenge with modern commercial ancestral DNA testing reveals more MacGregors in disguise a... The old man, his uncle Highland or Lowland, has cast our history a. Identify the ethnic and geographic origin of the Tree immediately below Adam divide only very slowly over a long of! And where they mutated most is the place where that marker arose 5 … origin... From Autosomal DNA test by iGENEA provides you with evidence of whether you Celtic! And more personal light in London, perhaps no more than a thousand share many similarities... Fought the Romans was Boudica ( ‘the victorious one’ ) of the Alpine regions of Southern Germany and and.