VerVino Variation One Batch #4 Dry Vermouth – $28 (500ml) – VerVino is a vermouth made by Channing Daughters, or, I should say, it’s a series of vermouths made by the company, which sent us three different variations, all wildly different. Long a part of cocktail culture, vermouth traces its roots to Europe’s winemaking regions. Manhattan. For years, I regarded vermouth as an offensive-smelling red or clear liquid best left in the back of the liquor store, bottled and sold in "sweet" or "dry" vials for a suspiciously low price. The colors are not indicative of different flavors specifically, but instead are an indication the style and sweetness level as well. Five parts of rye whisky are combined with two parts of sweet rosso vermouth and a … Typically, it consists of equal parts gin, sweet red vermouth, and Campari. Vermouth Rosso (Sweet Red Vermouth) vs. Vermouth Blanco (Sweet White Vermouth) vs. Dry Vermouth Now that you know how vermouth is produced and some of the common flavor profiles, let’s talk color. One of the oldest vermouth cocktails, the Manhattan was first recorded in the 1880s but may even predate this by several decades. Like sweet vermouth, the wine used to make dry vermouth is infused with botanicals—which tend to be more savory or herbal than fruity—and fortified with an unaged spirit.